Shannon Martinson

My name is Shannon, and I spend my free time doing various types of art and craft projects. I love cheerful, bright colors and happy images, and this is reflected in the items in my store, which feature colors that make me happy as well as some of my favorite shapes and patterns, like florals and polka dots. I started this Zazzle store because I wanted to see my designs on home decor items like pillows and canvases, and have found they work well on gift wrap and related items like gift bags and tissue paper as well.

Currently, I have two types of designs: doodles and abstract paintings. The doodles are something I do to relax — I draw random shapes, and then fill them in with all types of simple doodles, often stripes, circles, dots, flowers, and checkerboard or harlequin patterns. The paintings are technically not paintings but monoprints that I make by building up layers of acrylic paint, using stencils and other items to create patterns and textures. I print each layer of color individually, with very little planning. I love to just play with the colors and shapes and see what happens. They don’t all work well, but the ones that do tend to have a lot of texture and layers.

Blue Floral Monoprint Tissue Paper
Black and White Hand Drawn Zen Doodle Drawing Crossbody Bag
Red Doodle Stickers
Red and yellow hand drawn doodle wrapping paper
Red Doodle Cloth Napkin
Red Yellow Blue Abstract Contemporary Floral Pillowcase
Red Blue Yellow Abstract Contemporary Monoprint Duvet Cover
Red Blue Yellow Floral Abstract Painted Design Pouf
Pink Fuschia Hand Drawn Zen Doodle Design Pouf
Red Yellow Blue Handmade Gel Print Design Favor Box
Orange, Yellow, Green Abstract Handmade Monoprint Tote Bag
Turquoise Feather with Yellow Handmade Design Tissue Paper
Yellow Doily Monoprint Painting Postcard
Blue Floral Handmade Design With Black Accents Favor Box
Pink Fuchsia Zen Doodle Drawing Postcard
Red Orange Zen Doodle Drawing Postcard
Blue & Yellow with Black Flowers Monoprint S5 case
Red Doodle Pacifier
Yellow Doily Monoprint Sticker
Yellow doily monoprint tissue paper
Pink Fuchsia Doodle Tissue Paper
Blue Floral with Black Accents Monoprint Giftwrap Wrapping Paper
Fuchsia Pink Zen Doodle Drawing Coaster
Red Blue Yellow Floral Abstract Painted Design Placemat
Turquoise Feather with Yellow Handmade Monoprint Favor Box
Yellow and Green Handmade Monoprint Design Favor Box
Red and Yellow Hand Drawn Zen Doodle Design Favor Box
Red Orange Blue Abstract Floral Design Classic Round Sticker
Pink Fuchsia Hand Drawn Zen Doodle Design Favor Box
Black and White Monochrome Hand Drawn Zen Doodle Favor Box
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