Let’s Do This 2016

There are a lot of folks out there who see Hillary Clinton as the lesser of two evils, and aren’t voting FOR her so much as they’re voting AGAINST Trump. I’m not one of those people.

Hillary Clinton has been playing a man’s game in a man’s world and doing it better than most men ever could. Even while enduring decades of partisan attacks and baseless smears she still manages to put her head down and get stuff done. The blatant sexism and double standards won’t magically disappear once she’s sworn in, but if anyone can handle it, Hillary can. I supported Bernie in the primaries, but I’m excited to cast my vote for Hillary this November. Between now and then I want to put my creative energies toward helping people who feel the same way outfit themselves in some dope pro-Hillary gear.

Statue of Liberty: I'm With Her Postcard
Black Lives Matter: Say Their Names T-Shirt
Never Again: Pro-Woman, Pro-Choice Postcard
The Resistance Will Be Led By Nasty Women Postcard
Bad Hombre Tattoo Postcard
Hillary Clinton Nasty Woman Button
Hillary Clinton Nasty Woman Temporary Tattoos
We Can Do It: Rosie the Riveter Persists Postcard
Floral Feminist Fist Postcard
Hillary Clinton Move Over Boys Toddler Ruffle Tee
Hillary Clinton "Madam President" Sticker
Hillary Clinton "Move Over Boys" Gray T-Shirt
Hillary Clinton "Like A Boss" Mug
Hillary Clinton "Madam President" Yardsign Sign
Hillary Clinton for Mother-Flippin' President T-Shirt
Hillary Clinton for President American Apparel Tee
Hillary Clinton "Sky is the Limit" Women's Tee
Hillary Clinton "POTUS" Stars Women's Shirt
Hillary Clinton "POTUS" Women's Nano Shirt
Hillary Clinton Nasty Woman Tattoo Tee
Hillary Clinton "Nasty" Women's Tee
Hillary Clinton "Like A Boss" Women's Shirt
Hillary Clinton "POTUS" Shirt
Hillary Clinton "Like A Boss" V-Neck Shirt
Hillary Clinton "POTUS" Stars Racerback Tank
Hillary Clinton for President Racerback Tanktop Tank Top
Hillary Clinton for Mother-Flippin' President Tank
Hillary Clinton "Nasty Women Get Stuff Done" T-Shirt
Hillary Clinton "Nasty Women Get Stuff Done" T-Shirt
Bad Hombre Temporary Tattoos
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