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You Are Far Too Valuable...Poster Poster
Photo of a beautiful large yellow flower with white and purple center; blurred purple and yellow petals and leaves appear in the background. A thin purple line divides the photo from a quote on the right side of the poster: “You Are Far Too Valuable…No one on this earth has, or ever will look, think, or feel exactly as you — no one will ever create the same beauty, or share the same goodness that shines so brightly within you. No one else will speak your truth, live your ideals, build your dreams — or make them real. The world needs to hear the song that only you can sing. Within you are the potential and the power to make the most of all the opportunities that lie ahead…You are far too strong to give up on your dreams…and far too valuable to give up on yourself.” Infinnite products feature the work of top-selling inspirational writer Paula Finn. If you don’t find exactly what you want…please let us know!
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